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Post  Bobbyjkk on Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:18 pm

Server Rules
1. No Griefing
Griefing is adding or removing blocks on someone else's build or land without permission, including building above or below a place that is owned by someone else.
Punishment for griefing will be determined by the staff that handles the offense.

2. No Camping
Camping is deliberately staying in an area for the purpose of repetitively killing another player. That includes camping spawn and a player's home.
You may kill someone at their home if there is a legal way in without breaking the rules of griefing.
If you feel someone is camping and trying to kill you, post a complaint in the complaints section of the forums.

3. Donator Rules
You may not use any of the powers gained from donating as a way to help in pvp.
The extra perks are given as a thank you and are in no way purchased by donating to the server.
By donating you don't gain any immunity to the rules. If you are caught breaking the rules you will be punished like any other player and may be demoted.
It is illegal to tp to another player without permission. If you teleport to another player you must leave as soon as they tell you to. If they try to kill you it is legal to kill them in self defense, but they must attack first.

4. No Hacking
Do not use any 3rd party client to gain an advantage over the other players. If there is a question, ask first.
Clients that are definitely illegal are xray clients and hack clients that allow things like aimbot, speed mode, and fullbright.

5. No Racism

6. No Spamming

Regarding shop plots outside of spawn:

1. Do not build under your plot.
2. When we give you a shop, you have the ability to break blocks on the warzone and spawn, this does not mean you should. Don't.
3. Stay within the stone bricks around your shop.
4. Make your shop as high as you want. But make every floor useful.
5. You must have chestshops in your shop.
6. Don't make your shop look shitty.
These rules can change at anytime at the discretion of the owners of the server.

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