LIVE6336EVIL Staff Application.

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LIVE6336EVIL Staff Application.

Post  LIVE6336EVIL on Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:30 am

LIVE6336EVIL Staff Application.

Post LIVE6336EVIL Yesterday at 9:11 pm
In Game Username: LIVE6336EVIL
How long I have been playing Minecraft: Since Beta
Can Bobbyjkk lift 100 lbs? Probably, 100lbs is not that much.
Have you brought any friends to the server?: No, but I have invited a few of my friends from school. (DrCroPot and Wafflemonger)
How have I contributed to the server: Being a friendly guy, building first world height tower and being first donator.
Can I talk Coherently? Yes, I can fully articulate my thoughts.
Do I know what Coherently means? Yes, In simple terms in a clear and concise (aka easy to understand) manner
Can you port forward on your own computer?: Yes, (I study computers and Computer Security in general so its relatively easy for me)
pig <--Are these a good source of food?: Of course, Who doesn't like bacon
Your weapon of choice?: Swords or my head Smile
Does staff get item spawning?: For items within reason, possibly. Otherwise no. It should be reserved for Owners.
How often can you be online?: Daily (Multiple times per day averaging at least a daily average of 2-4 hours daily total)
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?: 42
What experience do you have with commands and plugins?: Not to much with Pluggins but I know most commands, for those I don't a quick viewing of the help menu or Google is enough for me to figure it all out
Is there anything else we should know about you?: I am an awesome guy and friendly guy. I am a fair and practical person. I'm not a power happy kid who will abuse power (In real life I have instructed others in Martial Arts when I was younger). I also like what this server is about and I wish to see it succeed.

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