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Staff Application

Post  tsieber on Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:52 pm

In Game Username: tsieber
How long you have been playing minecraft: 1 year
Can Bobbyjkk lift 100lbs?: Does he even lift?
Have you brought any friends on the server (who)?: None yet.
How have you contributed to the server?: I am in the process of building an advanced underground city.
Can you talk coherently?: I would like to believe that I can speak English pretty well.
Do you know what coherently means?: Why Yes. It means that you are able to speak in a manner that is understandable by others.
Can you port forward on your own computer?: No. Port Forwarding is done at your router or gateway into your network. If you are familiar with the OSI model, this is handled at the Application layer, or Layer 7.
<--Are these a good source of food?: Why Yes! When cooked properly, Porkchop can heal 4 hunger units and 12.8 food saturation.
Your weapon of choice?: My weapon of choice the golden sword so others can see my class. I dabble in the art of Archery as well.
Does staff get item spawning?: Staff does have the ability of creating items in what some call an act of magic that is know as spawning. When this spell is mastered, it must be kept in mind that it shall only be used in appropriate circumstances and not to slay our dear leader Bobbyjkk and achieve world domination.
How often can you be online?: I work from home, so I am available to Dear Leader's bidding when he calls.
What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?: Why that is simple, my young friend. To become one with the wubs.
What experience do you have with commands and plugins?: I currently help manage a dedicated minecraft server, so I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to plugins and the commands associated.
Is there anything else we should know about you?: I began my life of a miner when I was introduced to Minecraft by britonk. I then met Paradox74 on Orcworm's server. We become mining buddies, and after some time Paradox introduced me to SinksMC where I currently reside.


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