Bad words in the rules >:(

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Bad words in the rules >:( Empty Bad words in the rules >:(

Post  Xzeddy on Mon Aug 20, 2012 1:16 am


I was reading rules and this rule caught my eye,

6. Don't make your shop look s*****.

I dont think we need to use this kind of launge because it is

1) Mean
2) This kind of language is bad to teach little kids to
3) Not to use it should be a rule anyway

Bad language is not needed, you could use diffrent and less hurtful words like: Poop, bad, maybe even awful. Using this kind of language is not good because little kids play Minecraft also and the last thing we need is 6 year olds walking around saying the F word or something. I ask that you consider changing this because bad words can be mean and the use of them should not be encouraged.



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