Sinks Battlegrounds?

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Sinks Battlegrounds? Empty Sinks Battlegrounds?

Post  Xzeddy on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:59 am

Okay last one I promise,

Helloes I promise this is it for a while! So while typing my last suggestion thread right I had an even better idea! So in addition to our new capture the flag arena we could remake all of the Battlegrounds from World of Warcraft! These include PvP styles such as Capture the Flag, Capturing bases and holding them, fighting through an enemies base and killing there leaders and much more styles like that. I could help build them but would probably need some item donations cause this will be yet another big project! I could get a plug-in list later of this is approved but I am near positive this is all possible and with great builders like Para the building will be easy Very Happy. So again good for the server and making it even more of a PvP server and getting more people to join.

Thanks for reading,


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