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Sinks, the RPG? Empty Sinks, the RPG?

Post  Xzeddy on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:58 am

Hey guys! (Again Razz)

Hello, sorry if I am posting too much I have just been having lots of idea’s lately. anyway getting to the point of this thread! So I was sitting at my computer playing World of Warcraft and had this brilliant idea. A Sinks RPG world! So I checked it out and it would take some work but it is all doable with plug-ins from bukkit. It would be a whole world with quests and a story line like a normal RPG. Things we would need to do for this are…

1) Get the right plug-in from Bukkit! If this idea is approved I could give you guys the names of the bukkit plug-in so we can get them installed

2) Set up the plug-in. We would have to go through and setup all the spells and levels and things like that for the plug-in which I could probably handle myself if you guys let me Razz

3) Write a storyline! I myself have written 4 pretty good 200 page books and I have 2 good friends who also love to write so I am sure we could come up with a good storyline.

4) Build the world! We would need to build the whole world, matching the storyline and descriptions of zones, which cant be too hard with a great builder like Para on our server Very Happy.

5) Insert the NPC’s. NPC’s are non player characters meaning they will look like the rest of us but not move and only say what we want to. This is how we would give., complete quests, and give rewards in the RPG world.

6) Setup the quests. Finally we would need to give the NPC’s there quests. Again I could do this but someone help could be great depending on how big we make this.

7) Beta test! The final stage in this would be testing it. To keep it more secretive only the people that helped work on it will test it since they already kind of have an idea on what it will be like.

Cool Opened! Open it to the public pretty simple Very Happy

9) Plan the expansions! Plan the future expansions and start back at step one Razz kidding. Maybe if after all this we want to make another one we can but I think this will take a lot of hard work.

Anyway that’s my plan this seems like it would be a lot of fun to create, build, and play! I also think this is another great idea to get people to come to this server, as you have heard me say before the server needs more big things to attract new people Razz.

Thanks for reading,


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