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Big Brother on Sink! Empty Big Brother on Sink!

Post  Xzeddy on Mon Aug 20, 2012 12:56 am

Hello Everyone!

Hey guys! This is reposted because I posted it in the wrong section the first time (silly me Razz). I am new here and had a great idea for something that would be cool, fun, and possibly bring some people to the server. So this is how it would go, first I would build the Big Brother house (exactly like the real one in the T.V show), and then the backyard. We would then pick contestents and pick 3 nights durning the week that all the contestents could come on the server. Once we have the contestents we can start! I will design every competition in the backyard and people will play in it just like Big Brother Very Happy. In case you have never seen the show before this is how it works.

Contest 1: Head of Household- When you win this it lasts the whole week and you get to nominate any two people to be evicted from the house. You also get to sleep in a nice bedroom (Gives a minor time bonus to competitions).

Contest 2: Power of veto- If you win this you can veto your nomination or a friends nomination an then the Head of household would have to put up a new contestant.

Contest 3: Have not competition- This is usually split randomly into two teams that compete against eachother. If you lose you have to eat bad food (in the Sinks version it will take a short amount of time off your competition times) and you have to sleep in a bad/uncomftorble bedroom (Will also take off a small amount of time). If you win you get to eat normal food (No time bonus) and sleep in normal beds (no time bonus).

So those are the contests they will go in this order...

Night one- Head of Household competition
Night two- Nominations and Have not competition
Night three- Power of Veto competition and ceremony for it (when the winner of it decides if they will use it and who on)
Night four- Eviction night AND Head of Household competition.

So ya I will be doing all of the building if this is approved (I already have all of the house except the HoH room made in a singleplayer creative) and I will be running the game! We will pick 14 people to play in this and winner will get a prize from me (Prize not yet decided). I hope you guys like this idea because I think it would be great for the server and get new people!

Thanks for reading,


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Big Brother on Sink! Empty All of These Ideas are Great!

Post  Bobbyjkk on Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:15 pm

I love all of these suggestions, we have tried some of them before (capture the flag) and we want to have a second world for whatever gamemode we decide to use. The problem is there is no plugin that can give us good enough per world permissions to make different worlds have different groups, which is vital for running something like that. Crying or Very sad We will definitely keep your suggestions in mind just in case we get a much larger player-base and can successfully run/afford another server. Besides all that, I really love having someone as active as you in the community that is willing to give such suggestions, and I would appreciate it if you could keep them coming! Thanks bunches, Xzeddy! Very Happy -Bobby afro

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