How to do Good in Survival!

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How to do Good in Survival!

Post  SpyTwo1 on Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:09 pm

1. Punch a log.
2. Divide log into planks.
3. Make a Crafting Table.
4. Gather more Wood, Stone, etc. and make Tools and Weapons.
5. Make a house.
6. Craft a door.
7. Make friends.
8. Craft Torches.
9. Hunt (You could use this step at anytime you'd like.)
10. Make a furnace out of 8 stone.
11. Use wood to burn logs to make Charcoal or mine Coal.
12. Cook your food.
13. Craft a chest.
14. Get XP to upgrade your stuff.
15. Craft an enchantment table!
16. Upgrade your things.
17. Get a compass and paper to make a map.
18. Gather Obsidian and make Flint and Steel and make a nether portal.
19: Go to the Nether.
20: Find 3 Wither Skulls and make the wither.
21: Make the Wither.
22: Kill the Wither.
23: Sell the Nether Star.
24: Start Businesses and make money.
25 Do Mob Arena.


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Very Nice Guide!

Post  Bobbyjkk on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:42 pm

Good job making this! I would recommend this guide to beginners!

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